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M1 (Ministering 1)

M1 is a versatile Gospel Artiste, who  ministers through the influential sounds of Rap, Reggae , Soca and other genres of music led by the Spirit of God.
There is definitely a profound uniqueness within his lyrical vibe, which expresses the spice and the reality of life. 

The stage is his comfort zone. 
It is the external exhibition of his internal values and Christian beliefs vocally exposed, with the confidence of positively impacting any audience. 
His talent is fueled by his strong desire to build the Kingdom of God, and his strengths derives from his personal experiences. It was the collision of music & M1, that fully persuaded him; there is no limit in ministry, base on ethnicity, race or cultural background. He is a meticulous individual, who understands that his liberty comes out of the empowerment of his choice. Daily he allows the governance and guidance of the Holy Spirit - as it is written-'For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. 
2Corinthians 10 vs 4...'
The entrepreneur and musician, In all his pursuits- has described love & music as two types of languages; globally understood by the world. 

M1 -His prayer goes out to the Nations. 









Jeremy Thomas,





Jeremy Thomas, 868-476-7644


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